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But, if you don't absolutely HAVE to be travelling during this storm, please stay home. Izinkondlo: Sthandwa sami sokuqala Phambi kwesiphambano seliba lakho ngiguqile, Inhliziyo yami izokwelila nami njengoba nami ngizilile, Amehlo ami azokwekhala nami njengoba nami ngilila, Ngiph' indleb' ngikubhalele nayi nkondlo, Njengoba wangishiy' emhlabeni. Kwathi lapho ngiqala nje ngizu thando, Wabu usungishiy emhlabeni, Wangizwis' ubumnandi bothand' empilweni, Sengith' ngiyaqala ukunambitha, Wabu suyash' umthombo, Wavel' wanyamalal' esikhaleni, Wahamb' ungasashongo sithandwa sami, Wangishiya ngingenaban' othandweni, Ngizomtholaph' oyofana nawe, Njengoba nawe ubunguzinyobulala, Othandwe ilenhliziyo yami, Kepha wena usungishiyile, Bekuth laph' umi phambi kwami, Ufane nesibuk' esileth' ithemb' ekuphileni kwami, Ngith' mangizibhek' emehlweni akho, Ngisibon' isizath sokuphila kwami emhlabeni, Ubuyisizathu sokujabula emihleni yokuphila kwami, Bengigeza ngibe muhle ekuseni, Ngazi kahle ukuthi lizothi laphakama emini, Ngiyobe sengikubonile phambi kwami, Kepha namhlanje seliyoshona ilanga ezintabeni, Sengisele ngedwa esithubeni, Ngihamba ngiwa ngivuk' emagqumeni, Ngikubheka ngikucinga emakhoneni, Ngiphuma ngizula ngijubeleza emgwaqweni, Lutho angikutholi emhlabeni, Namhlanje ngisele ngingendw' ezweni, Nginqamul' amahlath' emazweni, Ithemba lami lindizile laya kowabadala, Umdlandla usungiphelele nasemandleni, Kuthi angihambe ngivele ngiyozilahla emhosheni, Uthando lwethu luhambile layogeleza ezihosheni, Ngibuk' amanzi egelez emfuleni, Ngith' mhlampe ngizokubona umile, Kant cha uhambe ngampel' emhlabeni. Dr. Melinda F. Lumanta, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, served as the lead discussant of the conversation.

Saliksik has laid out four strategic goals which all aim to provide support to faculty members and researchers in producing quality research.

These are the: ODeL State of the Art Project, Research Publication Project, Research Preparation Support Project, and Analytical Tools Support Project. Multimedia artist Mike Mills belongs to the breed of film-makers who scrutinize and fictionalize their personal memories to weave an insightful study of familial connections. Although these are very personal narratives, there's a genuine authenticity to it which we can relate with or at least understand. Woody Allen and Frederico Fellini are some of the great film-makers who had plundered their past to offer meditative, bittersweet movie experience. JIMMY FALLON: Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan just got back from a tour of the U. S. -Mexico border. While he was there, he actually rode a horse. You ride both bareback, you and horse. '. WATCH: Cruz backs Sanders into a corner over one of Obama's promises. #CNNDebateNight pic. What a load!.

Management at Mondelez, offshore based owners of the now seriously tarnished, once iconic chocolate brand will be glad to be removing themselves from such ignorance based ranting.

That sort of rubbish is never going to influence anyone and certainly not hard headed business leaders. The shouty little guy might have had another agenda, possibly something aligned to his future in his other job but as somehow being of any value as advocacy for workers facing winter in a job queue, it would have to be a fail. I know an educated man might get shouty and make a mistake in the heat of the moment but a few facts were obviously being ignored, by this guy who is rumoured to have another better paying job, but reverted to full union retard mode as he made meaningless statements that will do zilch for the people now facing redundancy. Will be aired in April. The septunarian numerology in Scripture has its background in creation week. But beyond that general background, there may be a more specific tie-in.

The seven days of creation are distinguished by alternating light and darkness.

Sunlight, dawn and dusk. So the lampstands in Revelation may mirror the seven units of daylight in Genesis. J. W. I am extremely photo phobic. I mostly always have been. I think it's from having a dead family. Looking back is deeply painful to me. The ones I have are mostly stuck in cookbooks and drawers. This morning I was rooting through a kitchen drawer and found these. Baby Teddy! Even at this age she looks like a badass. Oh and this chow chow butt and tail. So cute! This is a pic of our family with baby Freddy, our first chow. .