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Isolated farm. Photo by I. Peterson. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital. I remember the days when I was not a very big believer in educational technology. Man, could I rock a PowerPoint lecture. As Chris Lehmann says, "You deliver pizzas, not instruction. " Boy, did I have it all wrong. As I moved from the classroom to administration, I still saw technology from a mere delivery aspect. My goals were all about replacing overhead projectors with LCD projectors and screens or interactive whiteboards. My personal views towards social media and mobile devices remained unhinged during this time, as I was adamantly opposed to both. Not only did I run around the halls of my school taking devices away from terrified students who dared to take them out during the instructional day, but I also helped write the policies that blocked many social media sites. The Coast Guard rescued two people off a burning boat near Galveston Saturday. m. and notified the Coast Guard, who launched a response. Texas Sized Barbeque Grills Both people were safely rescued from the boat, which continued to burn for several hours. Authorities are still working to determine the cause of the fire. Source:. I thought this blog post was definitely worth sharing: belgrade-brooten-elrosa jaguars, belgrade-brooten-elrosa school. Another good review of the new Anne Brontë biography by Samantha Ellis that will be published next week. In The Independent: Take Courage: Anne Brontë and the Art of Life by Samantha Ellis, book review: A deeply sympathetic and interesting re-evaluation of a woman ahead of her time.

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Gregory Allen Belkin got out of his burning Maserati and laughed as he ran around the other driver's car, according to Bloomfield Township Police Officer Scott Schuknecht, the first officer on the scene.

"Gregory said he was the driver of the Maserati several times," Schuknecht wrote in his report. "Gregory said he looked down and looked up while driving, and the vehicle he hit was stopped on the road. I reminded him the other driver was seriously injured and laughing was not appropriate. Joseph Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Somebody switched on the light today so we could see after nearly a week of low cloud. Today's sunshine allowed us to see them in their finery. I was doing a timed art journalling challenge last month. 'Timed' isn't exactly my thing as I like to bang around from page to page and finish them over time. But it was certainly enjoyable nevertheless. Have you been art journaling lately?. I support Manchester United, and watched the game vs Chelsea this week. United had striker problems, and it was reported we were short because Rooney and Martial were injured, Ibrahimovic was suspended and Rashford was ill. So was he ill in the first place or was it mind games from Jose Mourinho? Let's assume he WAS ill and let's explore the implications of this.

One of two things has then happened.

I've got another batch of messy pouches in the shop HERE. Each pouch is hand painted, made from canvas and one of a kind. They always sell out fast so get em' while you can! . After being watered on a hot day!. They managed to scrape up a couple of old Elephant Cars to get us out of town. Hi there, Sharon again today and this time I'm showcasing the brand new stamp of the week. And it's one of my favourite lines by Unity, an Angie Girl. She is called "Isla Girl". Isn't she cute? I made her into a card. So how about receiving a brand new stamp every week straight to your door? That's Unity's SOTW! If you would like more details you can find them on the Unity store page here. Have a lovely Sunday whatever you are doing. Sharon x. It's National Pancake Day. Bring an image of your own to use as the basis for a painting, or Pamela will provide you with an image to use. Contact Pamela for more info, supply lists, and registration. I've often said that it bugs me to see a good blog go unread. It's one reason why I run Friday Links posts: it's my own small effort to put good stuff I find in front of more readers. Deep down, we're all vaguely suspicious of modernity, technology and scary-sounding long words. Add in a conspiracy theory here and there for good measure, and things you write start to sound rhetorically persuasive. Martin Scorsese's film Silence has gotten a lot of buzz among Christians. That's due both to the content and the fact that Scorsese is a legendary director, so his movies naturally garner much attention. Here's a review of a similar, but far less familiar movie:. For further information on these Scams, please Read . "If the emergency descent feels perilously fast, this isn't because the plane is crashing: it's because the crew is doing what's it's supposed to do. ". For further information on these Scams, please Read West Africa Import/Export procurement scam: . The law is summarised on the Crown Prosecution Service website. There is no doubt that for many witnesses attendance at court is a highly daunting and even frightening experience. "Special measures" are intended to assist vulnerable and intimidated witnesses to give their best evidence in court by relieving some of the stress associated with giving evidence in the public arena of the courtroom. Article: "The battle for Mosul: I have never seen such hard fighting like this" Daesh has lost half the city so far. There is no hope they will regain it. The UN came out of a security briefing just yesterday with a time-line in their heads. parking on the Cambrian apron. FORTISSIMO DAFFODILS surrounded by PERIWINKLE I took time this week to 'walk the yard'. It's the first time I have done it this year. One doesn't realize how much beauty there is outside in Spring until he/she takes a camera and begins taking pictures. There are SO many Magic Tree House books in the series, that when we do this as a guided reading book study, I let students choose ANY book they like! First, we spend lots of time reading and enjoying the books- anywhere in the classroom! After the book has been read, students work at their own pace doing activities that go with the ANY book in the series! There are pages that focus on story elements, character traits, and their favorite character in the story. There are activities that delve into the genre of Magic Tree House books- how they are adventures and how they are fantasies! Lots of activities delve into the story, where they describe the setting, story events, the characters in the adventure, and how Jack & Annie return home again. Throughout my life I have been a good reader, but during the past several years, reading has taken a back seat. Recently, I renewed my Good Reads account. Since we are already half way into February, I have been playing catch up, but enjoying every moment. They were so enjoyable that I breezed through them so quickly. This blog I will dedicate to the "experts" upon whose "professional opinion" #JudgeBrinkema relied in unlawfully and unconstitutionally second-guessing President Trump's national security policy. Here is that great team of "dignitaries". It has branches in Saskatchewan , Manitoba , Montreal andQuebec in Canada. like if u r matric pass they will put u on cleaners job andif you ar grauate they will put u on supervisor or managers job.

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We might just pull off global currency stabilization in a much less dramatic fashion.

""Regardless, stabilization of world currencies continues to bear it's importance on the international landscape, but pegging assets to a wide array of world currencies is a task that is obviously going to require much more work.

" I hope y'all didn't quit your jobs. Christine Preston reaffirms Trump chosen to lead America out of darkness: Love to all. It was at that time that some souls of Light also incarnated to prepare the way for the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. He came as a Messiah to hold a balance of Light, and also to remove the Prince of this World, in other words begin the process of the removal of these souls of darkness by initiating the timelines that would result with the Harvest, the removal of the tares from the wheat. They have to reap their misuse of the Light but refuse to learn and surrender to God's Will. So they are affected in this time of Ascension as they cannot exist in the Light that is being irradiated. Light consumes Darkness. Atlantis has risen again in the sense of the Cain civilization that was once created and dominated during the Atlantean era. Cain is the biblical symbol for those laggards from Maldek. In essence, the reverse of 'Robin Hood'.

The investigation was carried out over two years by a small group of international banking attorneys who discovered some anomalies within the mortgage industry and began to look into the history, practices and consequences of the fraud, not just locally, but globally and the impact this unchecked activity had wrought on all people on earth.