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Keyhole sculpture. For another example of a keyhole sculpture, see "Granite Keyhole. " Photos by I. Peterson.

Robert Dodson shares his most recent bigfoot audio recorded in Oklahoma at his research location.

check it out:. There is no limit to the number of credits an attorney can earn via live seminars. Alaska: All PLI products can fulfill Alaska's CLE requirements. There is no limit to the number of credits an attorney can earn via PLI products. Arizona: PLI's live seminars qualify as "interactive CLE" credit. There is no limit to the number of credits an attorney can earn via interactive CLE programs. courtesy of on. cc Jackie Chan promoted KUNG FU YOGA two days ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Here's something which is cause for optimism: Sadiq Khan has appointed a deputy mayor, Joanne McCartney, to lead on education - including early education and childcare.

In the Manor Park hub, which is where I am based, schools, settings from the private and voluntary sector, and childminders have been working hard, together, to improve quality and to make the whole system easier to access for parents. We have a way to go yet, but the impact of the last few years of work has been impressive and a tribute to the joint efforts we have made and our determination to keep doing better. In Manor Park all the early years group provision - whether in schools, or in private or independent settings - is graded Good or Outstanding by Ofsted.

Childminder quality has improved significantly and is close to the average for England.

But it does mean we have made some progress towards our big goal: working with parents to give children in a disadvantaged part of East London the best possible chance to develop as happy, curious and eager learners, pupils, students and citizens in a great world city. So, what could the GLA hope to achieve by developing a new early years hubs programme across London? JG GLA slides from Dr Julian Grenier At the Mayor's Education Conference, I argued that the current Early Years system suffers from disconnection, especially if your family is not well off. Bloggers D r Wally Smith and Dr Roy Poses will be leading a sub-session on conflicts of interest and health care corruption in a late breaking session during the annual meeting of the Society for General Internal Medicine in Washington, DC. The session will be on advocacy related to important health policy issues that are now most salient in the current political context in the US. The official session title is still pending.

The session will offer multiple sub-sessions on the most pertinent issues.

The meeting program is here but does not yet include this late breaking session. It should appear in the registration options. courtesy of singtao. After seven years they worked together again, Tze Wa stated that he had no box office pressure. However Ah Sheh was a "hundred million" female star, he did not want to affect Ah Sheh's "hundred million reputation". They continued their mischievous nature when they met again, first they had a war of words. I must stress the deliveries are tentative as we have seen in the past that sometime they just don't occur. They may have found a buyer but it is still unknown who or even if there is a new buyer. I'm sure some of you are visitors of Nothing To Do With Arbroath. Tributes can be left here. Particularly about our Liberal friends. Funny thing is that I grabbed this from a post by one of my old Army buddies who feels the same way about those of us who are not Liberal. Cool Treats! Cased from Dawn O! I changed the embossing folder, then added the white and Peekaboo Peach layers. You can't see the wink of Stella in the photo! Really pretty in real life! Stamps: Cool Treats Paper: Chocolate Chip, Peekaboo Peach, Pool Party, Crumb cake Ink: Chocolate Chip, Peekaboo Peach Accessories: White bakers twine, Frozen Treats Framelits, Layering Ovals framelits. Nacque nel V secolo, quando la popolazione di Altinum fuggì davanti al cavallo di Attila. Altinum era stata cinta di mura turrite. Quando, al tempo dei Longobardi, anche il Vescovo Paolino vi trapiantò il pastorale, Torcello si estese e prosperò. A bill in the Iowa Senate would allow individuals with permits to carry weapons on public university campuses. Those who are afraid and attend anyway are distracted and can't pay attention. Clearly, school administrators need to do everything possible to quell bullying and provide a safe environment for all students. More and more, however, the type of bullying these students encounter is through social media or other cyber media rather than physical confrontations, making it impossible for victims to simply avoid the perpetrator via school intervention. School administrators are in a tough position. What if all the activity takes place outside of school hours? Where does school authority end? How can school administrators have the resources to monitor students' social media, and do so without invading privacy? By the time someone reports the abuse, the damage is often already done.

It is easy to argue that schools monitoring what students do outside of school hours is an obvious overreach of power.

The only easy answer is that schools can offer educational programs and teach students smart social media use. This is, of course, only part of the equation, and students set on bullying other students often need a deterrent or discipline to quit the behavior. I don't envy school administrators in sorting out this thorny problem. I suggest this topic for a discussion or debate in the classroom. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Not only will she be exchanging, as the hostess w the mostest of that site, but all of her listeners will be as well. The law is summarised on the Crown Prosecution Service website. There is no doubt that for many witnesses attendance at court is a highly daunting and even frightening experience. "Special measures" are intended to assist vulnerable and intimidated witnesses to give their best evidence in court by relieving some of the stress associated with giving evidence in the public arena of the courtroom. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Mackenzie H. In fifth grade, I wanted to do some kind of a lesson about art history that would still seem fresh and exciting to the kids. We then looked some parodies of these artworks with cartoon characters, Star Wars characters, extra that I found doing a few Google searches. We also watched some music parodies of popular songs from YouTube. This helped us to understand that listeners/viewers would not recognize the original work if it were not very famous or if too many alterations had been made. The kids chose a masterpiece to work with and created visual parodies based on them. m. m.

My name is Maria.

I carried a whole year of inserts and I only used my Filofax for my private life and just noting down my work schedule.

… and of course multipens, sticky notes, washi, you name it. "Pope Francis" has condemned clerical sex abuse as "an absolute monstrosity", according to the preface he has written for a book authored by a Swiss victim who was sexually abused by a priest over a period of years. Well of course he has condemned "clerical sex abuse" as "an absolute monstrosity". What he has not done is to take any official responsibility for "the Church" which implemented policies to hide and cover up specific instances of sexual abuse. The so-called "apology" continues:I am happy that others can read his testimony today and discover how far evil can enter the heart of a servant of the Church. How can a priest at the service of Christ and his Church cause so much harm? How can someone who devoted their life to lead children to God, end up instead to devour them in what I called "a diabolical sacrifice" that destroys both the victim and the life of the Church? Some of the victims have been driven to suicide. These deaths weigh on my heart, on my conscience and that of the whole Church. Those high figures were due to the fighting in Mosul. It's been raining all day, and the dark pines lining the valley where I live are stark against a close, grey sky, wreathed in mist. It's the perfect backdrop for the gradual unfolding of this brilliant demo from Through Chaos & Solitude. From the project's solo member, Tim Rule - "The thawing winds of the morning sun is us. Mankind. We are our own blessing and our own curse. We are the stroke of wing which causes these winds to blow. We subdue the earth and it's children and still we strive for more.

By now we already realized our purpose and we willingly choose to neglect it.

We're flying directly into the sun and still we're accelerating. Your selection and the appointment are done automatically without any online interview and was based on information and references found in your Curriculum Vitae and other essential Qualifications, Places and Offices held previously which correspondent with the present offer and also the level of experience that is needed. .