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There is no guarantee that any group will receive the maximum amount.

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Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Since being here I have grown so much spiritually I no longer recognize my prior life. Soul growth. This is what GESARA is to end. The sooner we exchange and wake up the people we will be able to do God's work. The figure for the south-western Bay region is the first official death toll announced during the crisis. The full impact of the drought on the country is still unknown. Humanitarian groups fear a full-blown famine will follow. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. They will tell where to go. This faction craves action and believes that this unsubstantiated stuff "feeds hope". They probably believe that if they feed us this mythology that our co-creative minds will make it happen. But it doesn't work that way. Our inner Self knows the difference. Truth and prediction are different. If this were "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", what feelings of hope would we have? Look around.

That's what is here, that's what you've created.

At this point, your co-creative consciousness is pushing back. he had a boatload of opportunities this weekend. I too have found joy everyday by living a life of unconditional love. To embrace the true essence of unconditional love is to live it as a new part of our daily lives. I am in love with the strength I feel from having taken this journey with all of you. I love ya Matt T and I have worn that stop watch out lately but I will send it over for ya and I can't wait to hang our hats up together in Southern Oregon after a good ride. I moved into a farm in southern Chile, that had been let go for several years. It took me awhile to untangle the vines that had locked the gate to this once magic kingdom. I could see it was all there, the large mature asparagus beds, some shoots still sticking up through the weeds. Secondly, I would like to share some feelings regarding this most interesting situation. .