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Every part of Texas has its own hidden treasures, and that goes for East Texas, too.

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I am a huge fan of Clever Cut MDF storage solutions by Ali Reeve. I have loads of her clever things to store all my inks, ribbons and other embellishments and odds and ends that I seem to have a lot of. I loved the Rare Oddities collection and luckily bought a few as they are now discontinued. Here are the pieces I have made so far. I love the sliding box inside. Here's the hook, all assembled. The first thing to do, is unscrew the big, black screw. Then you can pull the race cover and hook out. Take yesterday's story about 'killer' toast and roast potatoes, for example. Well, this might be a clue. Pubs and restaurants could soon be fined for serving well-done items such as triple-cooked chips or thin and crispy pizza under a second phase of the Government's crackdown on burnt food. 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