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Today's topic for the Girl Chat link up is "A Time You Were Lucky," so naturally the title of this post seemed fitting for multiple reasons.

While I don't believe in luck necessarily, I love a good theme! As I stated above, I don't believe in luck.

After racking my brain for a perfect story to go with this theme, I could only recall only one time that could be deemed lucky.

Back in the day J would drag me to this HORRID bar when I was home from college.

This bar was close to his house and saw many walks of life. lawnfawn. The pretty rainbow colors are the perfect backdrop for these precious photos! Nichol added so many pretty details to this layout like the intertwined sentiment banner and Scripty Happy! I love how Nichol mixed Perfectly Plaid Rainbow and Watercolor Wishes to create the layered Flower Power embellishments. Enjoyed a slow start this morning surrounded with my favorite stuff before having a busy scheduled day. It's just beautiful and simple and it made me realize that it's such fun to rediscover older interior items, to mix and match or simply restyle them with removable paint for exemple and use them again as I did with my stunning renewed black Marimekko flower vase designed by Carina Seth-Andersson! Ik heb vanochtend heerlijk genoten van een een rustige start voordat de drukte van mijn volgeplande dag echt begon. Syntel was one of about thirty that came up. Era il suo primo vero romanzo. Rifiutato dalla Smith, Elder & Co. Di tre tentativi oggi sopravvive solo questo testo che prende il titolo convenzionale di I Moore. Stavolta sono William Moore e Alicia Wynne a farci sognare un amore faticoso e sacrificato, ma forse, alla fine, semplicemente amore. We invite you to partner with us in support of the PCACAC mission: To support and advance college admission professionals as they guide their institutions, students, and families in an ethical manner. edu, Katie McEnroe, Katie. Amphibian survival can be a natural biomarker for subtle environmental changes. A poster promoting a frog exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium reminds everyone why frogs are important. A Key West man is in jail, charged with illegally dumping a felony amount of trash on Sugarloaf Key. In December, Deputies James Hager, Todd Jones and Ken Fricke investigated the dumping of a large pile of debris on Old Pappy Road, Lower Sugarloaf Key. The pile had been dumped on the right of way at the end of the road. In the pile of trash, they found shipping lables on several card board boxes along with a bill of lading in one of the bags that had been dumped. This evidence led back to an Estate Liquidating business located on Duval Street in Key West. When Deputy Fricke met with Pulido, he admitted to illegally dumping the trash even though he saw a no dumping sign at that location and knew he was doing something wrong. The deputies properly disposed of the trash and a warrant was issued for the arrest of Pulido. He was booked into jail last week on felony illegal dumping charges. One such festive individual stumbled up to us and offering high fives. His tux and kilt indicated he had been marching that day. His salutation, "I'm fucked up" confirmed it. He said he was trying to get back to Constance and Josephine where his car was apparently parked. In any case, St. Patrick's Day in New Orleans is basically the Feast Of St. I've mentioned before that I consider myself a professional development nerd. There is just something about a room full of teachers learning new things that I can't resist. One of my favorite things to do is attend a great conference, and if you've followed this blog for a while you've certainly seen my posts from the NAEYC conference. Many local AEYC conferences happen in the spring, there are all kinds of specialty conferences throughout the summer, and the big one - NAEYC is in the fall. If you start planning now, you still have time to save up for the trip and meet the early bird registration deadlines. Lambs or kids hanging out with us while we learn together is a total possibility. Our Niece Megan gave birth yesterday to Vivian Irene, my other baby brother and she who sees robins first now have thirteen grands. When I meet her I will take a photo so you can see what a pretty little thing she is. There was a Doctor in the ER that was not real thrilled about delivering a baby when the OB Doc showed up. Twenty minutes after arriving Vivian was born. Many of the little hospitals in Minnesota do not have Labor and Delivery rooms anymore. Framing Enough. Fabricating Enough. Foto: Antonio Iacullo Santo del Giorno: Santa Giuliana, quella che spaventò il demonio. Le storie, o meglio le leggende, delle Sante martiri dei primi secoli del Cristianesimo sembrano, a prima vista, tutte simili. Dopo le nozze, però, si rifiutò fermamente all'amplesso dello sposo idolatra. This really is an indictment on the congitive dissonance the culture. Theme: Three letter scramble - Janice OPTed to Stir the POT, not Spin the TOP. Verses by Allen Ginsberg, e. g. We finally got some!!! Woohoo!!!! Snow snow snow!!! Even Teddy's water bowl has snow! A snowy birdcage and potting table. The snow melt worked on all but one section of the driveway. Cold on the outside but warm on the inside. Well, sort of warm in there. I like a cold house. Snow glorious snow. Excuse me now, I have to get naked and roll in it. You're a potential victim in the latest scam circulating around the U. S. Virginia police are now warning about the scheme, which also sparked warnings by Pennsylvania authorities late last year. The "can you hear me" con is actually a variation on earlier scams aimed at getting the victim to say the word "yes" in a phone conversation. That affirmative response is recorded by the fraudster and used to authorize unwanted charges on a phone or utility bill or on a purloined credit card. But how can you get charged if you don't provide a payment method? The con artist already has your phone number, and many phone providers pass through third-party charges. When the victim disputes the charge, the crook can then counter that he or she has your assent on a recorded line. The time has gone by fast but seems like a lifetime ago! Nothing can prepare you for something like this! When I see devastation from tornados, fire and flooding I now know exactly what they are feeling and my heart truly goes out to them! Now we are over the hump and moving forward. We are dealing with full sun, so that was a huge challenge. im ready.

Currency reform - some stage.

Embed from Getty Images. BREAKING NEWS. parking on the GA apron. Embed from Getty Images. This is a great piece by Victor Davis Hanson. It analyzes the Never Trumpers, on the Left and the Right, and their extremism. He discusses the consequences of subverting the president of the United States, the talk of coup, impeachment, and assassination. "If true, that. would mean that elements of the fed government are now actively opposing the duly elected #POTUS. ". Hexen II. Quake II. R. Martin that I discovered the excellent The Accursed Kings by French author Maurice Druon a few years back. As the main inspiration for A Song of Ice and Fire, I was eager to give this series a shot. The first two installments turned out to be very good reads, but the third volume failed to live up to the expectations generated by its predecessors. The Royal Succession was a return to form for the author and I was looking forward to see if the fifth book would offer the same satisfying reading experience. The last installment ended with Philippe V's coronation, but The She-Wolf totally skips over his reign and focuses on the tale of his sister Isabella, wife of Edward II and Queen of England. Which is a bit odd, as previous volumes followed one another more closely. Those in transition do face uphill climbs in these troubled employment waters. One group particularly impacted dramatically is the "seasoned" worker AKA, the Baby Boomer. In life, perception is often reality and there are many perceptions of the mature candidate. Let's examine these areas of concern, both spoken and unspoken, that many employers consider when interviewing the Baby Boomer generation. Because of this, they are more likely to be made redundant in a bad economy. Younger workers are more "affordable". Seven performers with identikit cream outfits climb about the Escher-like staircases before resting on their chaise-longues in dark eyries overlooking the central ground-level stage.

Whenever a character is required on the main stage, the relevant Wilde clone slips down the stairs, and dons a simple accessory to take on their new role.

Two names, two identities, and the seeds are quickly sown for later confusion. The set is dark, the costumes cream and the mellow lighting adds to the sepia feel of the production. The Markan parallel has no exceptions. So that raises the question of which text preserves the original wording of Christ's statement. ca we are impressed with the amount experience that you have SADIQ PETROLEUM NIGERIA LIMITED is pleased to offer you a provisional appointment as a drilling supervisor. .