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On behalf of JustLiberty. Ms. Marzullo last fall published the most detailed analysis available of direct capital appeals in Texas, and some of the findings were flat-out breathtaking. Listen to our interview here, or find a transcript of our conversation below the jump. Interview with Amanda Marzullo by Scott Henson: Why Texas needs a capital appellate defender office. Monitoring the progress of the primary wave count. As smooth as they get: KTVU's graceful, hard-working, elegant reporter/anchor Cristina Rendon. Rendon seems to be at ease on both fronts and always look forward to her work on KTVU, most certainly a future superstar in the TV News biz. "Partial freedom seems to me a most invidious mode of slavery. "The tyrannical measures that had provoked the American rebellion, wrote Burke, threatened liberty throughout Britain's dominions. Once imposed in a time of crisis, he explained, they "may be advanced further and further at pleasure, on the same argument of mere expediency. Indeed, he seems to embody the preference for authoritarian expediency that Burke condemned, as demonstrated by his suggestion that the federal government should conscript prison labor to build Donald Trump's proposed border wall. Punitive poseur: Sheriff Hodgson"I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall," insisted Hodgson during the swearing-in ceremony for his fourth term. "Hodgson used his inaugural speech to announce an initiative he calls Project N. After reading this article, you will learn how to write a business plan for a private school so that you can get an approval from Federal and State Government using Sample Business Plan Template so that you can run a school successfully. Nursery & Primary School Business Plan In Nigeria Sample Template It is not a surprising fact that every parent, guardian and intending father or mothers always look frontward to when their children or wards will start going to school. Sospesi, al momento, anche i collegamenti veloci con Libertylines. P. di Agugliaro, Noventa e Saline. courtesy of on. cc Jessica Kan Suk Yi and Kabby Hui Nga Ting yesterday attended the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market to promote their new supernatural film. Jessica said, "The director said my eyes looked evil, which I didn't mind when I got to make a movie. This time I originally had a lot of lines, in the end only one was left. No spoiler so you have to see it for yourselves!" Hui Nga Ting revealed that in the film she and Bryant Mak Chi Lok had an intimate scene. She said, "I wore a tank top and he was topless. He was very well built but very shy. My project boxes now contain blocks instead of cut pieces. Now to put them into quilts. I guess I could have started that at the retreat but I can never get it sewn the way I lay it out at a retreat. I always end up with turned blocks and kissing cousins. Grrr! So I had a little buggy ride instead. And tried to make a dent in my random strip bin. I only got a few blocks done. I will show progress when I get a little further along. It was a great retreat! I ate too much as usual. NEUROPUNK FESTIVAL - oneBYone from Ultravisual Gang on Vimeo.

Most of the big names of the legendary series of podcasts! This project has a ten-year history and will explode once again a powerful neurofunk!.

jesusismyhostage. ❤. Last week I posted a defense of anger and empathy against recent critiques by Owen Flanagan and Paul Bloom. The post drew a range of lively responses in social media, including from Flanagan and Bloom themselves. But we shouldn't look only at consequences.

There is also an intrinsic value in having a rich emotional life, including anger and empathy.

Patrick's day is right around the corner - Friday to be exact. St. Patrick's day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate in the classroom. This is partiall because it means that we've turned the corner and spring is almost here - I am all about celebrating everything turning green! I also love this holiday because it's magical and whimsical and mischievous, and I fully believe that children need the opportunity to enjoy these special days while they are still little. If you haven't started planning yet, or you're looking for some activities to supplement your classroom centers, these are a few of my favorites: Leprechaun Counting: Use these cute juggling leprechauns to help students practice counting and number recognition. Buckles, Ted, Shane and Ben. Hubert Castle. WHAT THE HELL HAS GOTTEN INTO STAN BUNGER? The longtime KCBS Morning anchor has apparently signed a new three-year extension and that's great news for Bunger and the Bay Area because he's proven his moxie behind the microphone. I have great faith in Stan both as a broadcaster and qualified anchor. On the other hand. Sharing there my process for using stencils to build layers. Start with my Outsiders stencils - five edgy frames in the shape of a circle, square, star, tag and bar. Continue with my Insiders stencils - the same five shapes designed to fit perfectly inside the Outsider frames. Add them together to get mixed media magic. And who said math couldn't be fun?!?! Check out my guest post here. As an assigned reading for Fundamentals of Environmental Planning, students should look over this ANJEC piece on municipal Master Plans in New Jersey.

And, in case you lost the link, this great Steve Strom handout on Suitability Analysis.

?. I had that job for about a year or so. It was a good job, and I learned some valuable lessons. The way it worked was that as customers came in, each sales person on the floor would be "up" – meaning, your turn to wait on a customer. And, if you took good care of him, you'd see him again, and again. This cheered me up!!! Xxooo Dr. There has been an assault against the prophets in the last month or so that has been unlike anything I have ever seen before. The Lord spoke to me recently and said that the enemy is RAGING MAD. He is going after the prophets to silence them and to bring them to a standstill. It has been an incredible onslaught for many, and there has been a spirit of witchcraft that is attempting to kill the prophets right now in many ways. The whole intention of this onslaught is to steal their voice, render them useless and cause them to run. There is a spirit of thieving that is prowling around attempting to steal from the prophets, but you are going to not be stolen from as you continue to stand and fight with truth. It is very much appreciated. IT WAS "UNPREDICTABLE", because it happened so FAST….

it was actually "ILLOGICAL".

But in the end, there was Peace and Calm, with a Brand New Day at Sea, even though NOTHING, would EVER be the same again. Ok, enough with the stories, metaphors, and riddles. The CBI is meeting. You guys! I am so excited to announce that I will be offering some online lettering classes from my dear friend Megan Wells of Makewells! Megan is a crazy talented artist who has a gift for hand lettering. Megan is a painter, illustrator, surface pattern designer and author of Hand-Lettering, An Interactive Guide to the Art of Drawing Letters.

This class will introduce you to creating a variety of stylistic letterforms through exercises, prompts, and practices, all based on the principles of drawing.

If you are interested in taking all three classes, the bundle is the best option for you!. It is both thrilling and humbling for me to be part of this tidal wave of creativity. It has a matte finish, dries extremely fast, and - perhaps best of all - will not destroy any pen/marker you choose to use to make marks on it. The paints in the line range in opacity and are labeled as opaque, semi-opaque, or translucent. The new colors work well with my first release of paint colors, initially slated to be a limited edition but not part of the permanent range of available colors. VICTORY! The #Packers are movin' on to the NFC Divisional playoffs! #NYGvsGB #GoPackGo pic. I was not among them. Others were telling me it wouldn't happen.


Can't wait to travel again with Louie Kamookak! He's the Inuk historian who pointed the way to Erebus, the first-found ship of John Franklin. Louie will revisit that site in September while sailing Out of the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada. You can find out more about this looming adventure by going here. Two evenings before, from Gjoa Haven on King William Island, with a stiff north wind creating white caps and billowing spray, we had thumped our way fourteen miles across Rae Strait. With us we had brought a plaque of weather-resistant, anodized aluminum that we had screwed to a slab of Honduran mahogany. Having read Collins present his position in a number of books, it wasn't especially informative to me. The best part was the second part where they sat down and answered questions. I disagree with some of his exegetical moves. But he has a very thoughtful position. There were strengths and weaknesses in Mohler's case. .