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Among other things, they found that while red and Norway maples begin to leaf out in early to mid-April, oaks don't even start until early May.

There's generally a two to three week gap in between. Young leaves on a black oak tree Well, guess what? My second-grade daughter has some data to add to his records. Every spring for the past three years, from her bedroom window, my older daughter and I have been making observations of three different trees—a Norway maple, a sycamore maple, and an oak of unknown species—and recording them in a little notebook. And we've seen the exact same pattern that Primack has: the maples leaf out first, and the oak follows a few weeks or even a month later. My daughter checking the trees outside her window for the first signs of spring I explained to her that I was just talking on the phone with a scientist who had asked the same question about the exact same types of trees, and that that our research matched his—that we observed the same patterns he had. Her eyes grew wide, she smiled, and she looked outside again. Her work had been validated by a real live scientist—and, even better, hers had validated his. What excites her the most—and excites me, quite honestly—is that there are still so many unknowns right in front of our faces, and right outside our windows. The kinds of questions kids ask, the ones that seem so obvious on the surface, are often the very questions scientists haven't answered yet—or need to answer again. A fallen bud of red maple in the snow Just today, I noticed buds from one of the nearby maples littering the ice-crusted snow in our yard, casualties of the nasty winter storm that pelted us earlier this week. Michael Dudikoff was a young hunk actor when I was in high school. His career never took off, but apparently, he's still working. He was a lovesick youth pining for hard-to-get, use-them-and-drop-them Bart, Harry Hamlin's character. Michael's character came up to Bart in a gay bar and practically begged him for attention.

There is a strong suggestion that Bart has already had Michael's character, so he's no longer interested, but he doesn't want to be openly rude to the lad.

Michael stood out for me because I recognized him. I guess I had seen him in a TV show. At the time, it was surprising to me to see such a hunkish young man not only play a gay character, but one that was needy and obviously submissive. I've been watching Making Love again for the first time in many years. Lord Ramachandra is Krishna's avatar who ruled the earth as the ideal king.

He appeared more than two million years ago.

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