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Sinot so he could now sit as member of the city council as indigenous peoples mandatory representative.

In an NCIP en banc meeting here Monday at Hotel Supreme, Kintayu told Cordillera NCIP regional director Roland P. Calde to make and issue the certificate after the Baguio Ancestral Land Claimants Executive Council of Elders told her indigenous people of the city were being deprived of a representative in the city council. They said it's been five months already since Sinot was elected as IP representative to the city council, but until now, Calde has not issued the certification. But in defiance of Kintayu's order, Calde said the selection process of the city's IPMR will be brought back to the city's IPs for them to discuss and decide whether or not to uphold the election of Sinot as IP representative of the city. He said it will be the NCIP Baguio service office that will convene all IPs in the city to decide on the matter based on mutually accepted customary laws. At press time, lawyer Harriet N. They do not have the wherewithal to recreate that old paradigm. Yes, they may be trying, difficultly, to do that, but it will not succeed. It is not that they do not have the creative energy, it is simply that it is not in accordance with the will of the Mother. C. Waking up on another manic Monday, I thought to myself, 'Who in their right mind would do this – spend a year of their life trying to help other people get through the insanity of BEING here?' Then I smiled, knowing only someone who was crazy enough to be here in the first place would do that. I started this ride over four years ago with eight or nine others and today I am the only one left who has not placed their currency in a sock drawer and gone on with their life and back to work at a real job. Maybe it's because I don't have a sock drawer to put it in, like many of you out there reading this now, sleeping in your cars, staying with friends or family. Hell, even living on the streets.

We don't have a choice in this and we whisper everyday "Help us Obi Wan RV Kenobi you're our only hope.

We know how to help because we've had to ask for it. The email also spoke of the necessity of security and safety throughout this process, and that moving forward at this time would jeopardize the entire process. So my question to Intel land, how long will this new 'delay' last? It does not appear that Washington is going to calm anytime soon. One of theses days Alice. I let go with both barrels yesterday because I really believed the next time I would see all of you was around a campfire in Southern Oregon. So for now just going to keep on keepin on because I do believe we will wake up one day to a whole New Earth. Got to go round up some new material. Happy Valentines to you all. I hope today brings nothing but Love sweet Love into your life! What a dream it would have been for the NPTB to have enough heart to release this on Valentines Day. .