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Hello! This week's Gina K Stamp TV challenge is to use flowers and polka-dots on a card.

I used the new Bold and Blooming StampTV kit flowers to create this. The paper is also from the kit. I used these Gina K inks: Ocean Mist, Innocent Pink and Turquoise Sea. The sentiment is from an older retired Gina K Set. Details HERE! Cammie. I used to read The Story About Ping to the children. Ping was a duck who had "two sisters and three brothers and eleven aunts and seven uncles and forty-two cousins. It's odd. Then you start a family and live far away, and aunts and uncles get old and die, but you are busy with your life so it's sad but you move on. Three Trunks!. Central Minnesota Conference boys' basketball scores on Jan. IF THERE WERE ANY INDICATION OF WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE WORLD AND ITS DOMINANCE, IT IS THIS. And this too. Notice a trend? Whether you're anxious and worried and fearful of what's about to happen next is nothing out of the ordinary. Whether you voted for President Trump or not fair to say he's dominating the headlines.

Every day.

Every moment. Every second. And he's infiltrated all parts of the domain, be it news, culture, even the sports world. He then took down my mum name and contact number and my mum went the next day. If passed and put into law, any Florida business owner that requires its customers and employees to disarm will be held liable for any damages resulting from violence on their premises. How life changing an experience and transition this has been for so many "Chosen Ones. " How incredibly thankful I am to you Yosef, for keeping us abreast with the truth when it was trying to hide in ever facet of our lives. How brave and eloquent you are when you speak with such conviction and surrender. I have cried many a times because of your deep words. How ALIVE I felt! Thank you. This month's spotlight collection, Some Kinda Wonderful, just screams fun and happiness! The bright, vibrant colors and glittery embellishments make me want to play with paper. CTMH has outdone themselves again with this fantabulous collection!! To order these or any of our other fabulous Close to My Heart products, please visit . Embed from Getty Images. Hello crafty friends, I am back with another card made with Graciellie Design's March release. For today's card I colored the printed image with grey copic markers to give depth and to keep the flower white. For the card base I took a white card stock and inked different shades of blue on one side with Altenew Inks and splattered white gesso and black paint. I added a black glitter washi tape on one side of my card base and adhered the inked panel.

I arranged the flowers with foam tape.

I printed a butterfly from the 'Butterflies' stamp set and colored it with copics. So hop away and leave so love as you go. Excludes Sears & Kmart. Other exclusions apply. See details. Today I would like to introduce you to Leila. Hello, my name is Leila. Although I have always used a paper agenda ever since in primary school, I am new to the Filofax world. After reading so much on this great blog, I thought I could contribute as well. It is my only Filofax so far and it is the lovely personal-sized Filofax Saffiano in Aquamarine. I have enormous sympathy and empathy for the lady, who having lost a family member to a road crash with the killer car allegedly under the control of a non New Zealand driver, who is today petitioning Parliament suggesting a driving test for visitors wishing to drive and live here longer than three months. During an interview with Mike Hosking, the petitioner revealed that recent stats suggest around three percent of road crash deaths 'involve' a "foreign" driver. Now that means that almost all the other deaths have an involvement of a New Zealand resident driver. Off course that bare fact takes no account of any involvement of a resident driver and many of us instinctively know there may well be causation that is not to be laid at the feet of "Johnnie or Jane" foreigner. That said I see plenty of clearly identifiable activities by resident drivers that only escape the nationality categorising by good fortune and/or defensive driving by others. Firstly, what exactly are Arum lilies? Proper name, Arum maculatum, improper names include Cuckoo Pint, Lords and Ladies, Jack-in-the-pulpit and, when I was at school, Waggling Willies. It was not a particularly "good" school. but at least we had Nature Rambles! And secondly, why would you want to remove them? Answer, mostly because they are devilishly generous with their self-seeding, and if you take your eye off them for two minutes, you find that you are over-run with the darned things! The other reason is that the seeds are very unpleasant: they are poisonous, but luckily - well, sort-of luckily - they are filled with saponins, which have needle-sharp crystals, so that if anyone starts to eat them, their lips, tongue and throat immediately hurt and swell up. This is very nasty, but at least it means that "one" is unlikely to choke down enough of the things to actually kill yourself. Oh, they have their place: if you have large woodland areas to cover, they do a great job, and there is a certain ebullience to their startling orange seeds, later in the year. There is even a garden variety, Arum italicum, with elegantly marbled leaves which can be considered quite desirable. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Since being here I have grown so much spiritually I no longer recognize my prior life. Soul growth. I am so thankful to those that can express themselves so well. THIS IS THE START VIRTUAL MASS MEDITATION SESSIONS to manifest an RV etc.

into our reality now.

Waiting for the RV has gone on for much too long i. e. delay after delay after delay after delay… We should not sit idle by when we can try to help expedite it. So let us collectively manifest the RV into our lives now. In my infinite quest for knowledge, I came across THIS GUY and presentation with link above. Did some research. Ok, so now that I am calmed down enough to be coherent again, I decide to ask this to be posted for others to give their. Does anyone else here agree or disagree with my assessment? Furthermore, it brings up some VERY disconcerting thoughts & questions from myself concerning the RV/GCR. Not all negative, but certainly pegging the "discernment" thereof on this prediction presentation. Below are just a few. Venting by SharonGood morning DC family,I just had a family friend vent their opinion upon me, with total disregards to how the words and way he shared them.

The result was condescending and hurtful to me as a parent.

I began to defend myself, and my child, but what I shared came on deaf ears. So I sat there and allowed him to tell me how I should have raised my daughter, solely based on his observations without knowing the facts. It's one thing to share an opinion, but how many of us think about our heart's intention of the words we are about to say or write. If we are just venting why don't we take accountability for what we say or write and let others know it is only your opinion or that you are venting out of frustration. If you are just sharing how you feel about a person or situation, do you really think before you speak or write? Do you speak from the heart or the head? What is your intention? To hurt or harm those you are speaking or writing about? To belittle or shame someone into an inferior level just to make you feel better? I hope not. .