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Ouch, we all feel the pain of that one. She went on to tat snowflakes working from a picture rather than a pattern, but then the snowflake started going wonky but rather than stop she kept on going. Shhhh! don't tell anyone, they'll never know the difference.

She saw pictures of these little snowflakes on Pinterest and it wasn't hard to figure out the pattern.

Here's another one she figured out from a picture. This little snowflake whose pattern can be found at Tats all is called Betsy snowflake. Four days ago, I praised Sabine Hossenfelder's remarks about the hypothesis that our Universe is a simulation. Some of these two folks' views were mentioned at Gizmodo. So at some imperfect but high confidence level, the "simulation hypothesis" has been ruled out. Aaronson doesn't like it and he's wrong. Aaronson's thesis is a typical slogan repeated by the people who don't have any clue about physics, especially the state-of-the-art physics. Just like the postmodern, feminist, or otherwise mentally crippled philosophers, Woit, Aaronson, and probably many people believe that modern physics resembles an "anything goes" territory where all ideas are equal, all ideas are allowed, and none of them contradicts the data. themetapicture. Valentine's Day is almost upon us and it's kind of a tradition around here to create unique valentine cards! I thought it would be fun to create something a little different from a heart shaped card this year. I started by drawing some black and white butterflies.

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" It counts on people being mindless and willing to "Follow Those Who Seem To Know.

I would never put Patrick on the spot, but he knows who are regular posters even if they post anonymously to us, they are not anonymous to him. To be clear, I have not asked him about these new Over and Out supporters, I just know from other sources and ways that they are not our Family. That being said, I am going to point out the characteristics of the "Follow Me Ploy" so that you can easily recognize it when you see it. I have noticed many more of this type of shill lately since Over and Out showed up, and there will be more for sure. I am going to step through the parts of the Ploy, and then I am going to show you an actual post that came in last night. The Elements of the "Follow Me" Ploy:Who Should Be BelievedFirst the Target Person to be followed is mentioned in some specific way, in the headline, or in the body of the message. System Administrators can push the app to the user's outlook from CRM. How to push the app the users. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. I don't remember whether it came in like a Lion, but the prediction is that it will be going out like a Lamb. The weather is mild and damp, the kind of weather that viruses seem to love. So right on schedule, I've caught the local Crud and have had sniffles, chills and headache for the past few days, but it should be over soon. I got sick while I was visiting my sister, which was bad for so many reasons. And I don't get down the hundred miles or so to visit her often enough, mostly because she is so darn busy. So there I was, sick and sleeping through much of the visit. On my way home from my sister's, and before I went straight back to bed, we stopped for pedicures, generally a highlight since we can sit and chat, but my technician scraped a hole on my bunion that actually bled, so it was just a disappointing trip all around. I'm not sure the tech knew what a bunion is because she mumbled that there was something there and she was going to get it off before she went to town with her file. Ouchy ouch ouch. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Ash Wednesday is ONE week away! Have you started thinking about what you are going to do for Lent? I usually give up stopping for fast food on the way home, and I pray a Chaplet of Divine Mercy in the car on the way to school. We "give things up" as a form of penance, to purify our hearts and focus on our relationship with God, and to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Here are a few articles with ideas of things you could do for Lent, rather than just the normal chocolate or soda. We all have our thoughts about making our travels safe. Check the stats in this article:. ".

Several Resolve Demon Gates Talismans will be created on a Yellow Cloth and then go through a ritual to empower the talismans.

The talismans will be kept by the child to protect and prevent him / her from sicknesses and accidents and have a smooth growing up years.

because it's the weekend and who needs to be mentally hassled? Let's start with a subject of deep importance and dear to just about everyone's heart - French fries. It would be faster for me to tell you what I don't make in my Instant Pot - which is almost nothing. Roasts, turkey breasts, stews, soup, chili, beans, lasagna, rice, hard cooked eggs, steamed veggies, cheese cake, are all done in my Instant Pot in a fraction of the time as the old way and ten times better. I was intrigued and since I have some potatoes I decided to try it. The concept seemed pretty simple. Roger Vivier Studs Pumps, at rogervivier. Dolce & Gabbana sequinned pumps, at mytheresa.

What it is, Groove-ophiles! When David Michelinie, John Romita Jr.

Classic, ground-breaking stuff to be sure. We'll rap lots more about the Michelinie-Romita Jr. -Layton IM in the not-too-distant future. Meantime, here are JR Jr. So you are expected to get all your travelingdocuments ready through the assistant of our visa processing officerwho is working with the UK Embassy in your country, Mr. .