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M. Living is about getting back up. Labels: bbe jaguars girls basketball, belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball. These last few days my IG timeline has been filled with images of their stunning collaboration, or do I have to say the inspiring visit of Copenhagen based studio Frama at DRY Studios Stockholm? Love the colour scheme, love the space. photos via DRYstudios/framacph ig with thanks!. This is what we have to put up with all day. Dall'arrivo in piazza al corteo sin dentro il castello. Il Dirigente ScolasticoProf. ssa Tommasa Basile.

Calm and bright day.

Fairly steady today. The great crested grebe is still around and still alone. My wish for my babies and yours. The BBC explains car-rammings and stabbings directed against Israelis as acts by frustrated Palestinian militants. p. courtesy of mingpao. Even Ai Wai is touched. Rachel's sister Mannyan sang the theme song and said that her sister has a lot of pressure from being both the lead and the producer. courtesy of on. Producer Rachel broke down in tears when Ai Wai's ability of being the lead actor was questioned. Ai Wai and Pinky were moved. Ai Wai said that he was nervous. courtesy of singtao. cc Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Jason Chan Pak Yu yesterday attended a fashion brand event. She felt very healthy after getting a good sweat, in addition during the shoot she injured her left heel ligament. The doctor said that it would be very hard to cure, the only way was to rest. Thus kick boxing could train other muscles to support the injured ligament and reduced the pressure to the would. However now her wound be would swollen during storms, so she would bring flats to change into if she knew that she had to be in heels for a long time. It was initially very gradual. Unless you knew him well, you wouldn't notice it right away. It started with the loss of his sense of time. He became erratic. He would demand to be released from the hospital one day only to ask to be returned to the hospital the next day. He was in and out of confinement four or five times in less than a month. His liver was failing and it was having a detrimental effect on his brain. It got progressively worse to the point that nothing that he said made sense anymore. He was interchanging words. Some people are baffled by the idea that YaHuWaH would use an unclean creature to extract the blue dye for these garments.

It has been a fun way to get creative, practice and explore ways that I can make around around my theme.

Today I've got a little peek into this journal as well as a video where I share my process on one of my favorite pages.

Amazon Nordstrom Flea market.

She's still running like lightening.

No school in our rural area has indoor track facilities. So she's running winter indoor track outdoors. Like a boss! Her tank is never empty. Her well is never dry. She just keeps going. Teaching me so much. Security at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte kept members of the North Carolina Highway Patrol Honor Guard out of an NBA game last week because they were armed. The theme at CCT this week is Something Fun.

I have used this cute Penny Black image which I have coloured with Copics.

The dies are all MFT Die-Namics ans the sentiment is Hero Arts.

The papers are from Lawn Fawn. I hope you'll be able to join us this week as we have another great prize. I am entering my card into the Penny Black and More Challenge and the Penny Black Saturday Challenge both of which are Anything Goes. "If the emergency descent feels perilously fast, this isn't because the plane is crashing: it's because the crew is doing what's it's supposed to do. ". For further information on these Scams, please Read West Africa Import/Export procurement scam: . I've been inspired to make another contribution to the forum with the express intent of helping to raise the energies in this place as I see so many others do periodically, and my sincere gratitude goes out to those that continue to persist in this endeavour. I was once given this information to share, which is, AS A SOUL GROUP WORKING TOGETHER, AS ANY ONE OF US STEPS UP IN VIBRATION, WE ALL DO, so it's in everyone's best interests to help one another in this noble quest. That would be the way of Spirit, working together for the highest good of all, where all benefit from the process without exception, as part of the Divine Plan. My oh my, I find it so fascinating to see such diversity of thought and opinion from one week to the next here in this wonderful place. It didn't pass unnoticed that recent inflammatory and divisive remarks regarding the color of a person's skin were thrown into the mix. An excellent lyric from Michael Jackson's song, 'Black or White' is self explanatory and immediately springs to mind, 'I'M NOT GOING TO SPEND MY LIFE BEING A COLOR. ' I've also heard it said that 'Black lives matter,' and, without wanting to sound too insensitive to those that may have felt persecuted because of color, a higher thought would be that ALL LIVES MATTER, in equal amounts, certainly before our Creator GOD.

No soul has any more importance to Him than the next in the unconditional love stakes.

Unfortunately, the deadline to submit questions has passed and it is unknown if Yosef will continue to answer questions. But here are the questions posted for all to view and possibly answer.

Article: First Sulli, IU, and now again.

Several of you have already started! Thanks - it helps all of us keep our creative mojo going and inspires new ideas. The ADFD Shop continues to be the place you can find all those fabulous A Day for Daisies images! We guarantee you'll discover new favorites!! The ADFD Blog will remain here as a resource for ADFD fans. We hope you find it useful. Until we meet again, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our A Day for Daisies fans. This post is about setting-up a continuous delivery pipeline for SharePoint Online with Visual Studio Team Services. Unfortunately it cannot be installed on the hosted Team Services Agent so the easiest way here is to setup a private agent. In this post I will show how to setup a private Team Service Agent using a virtual machine hosted on Azure. Note : there is an artefact to automatically setup de TS Agent, but I didn't manage to get it to work so I'll do it manually. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. She also attended other post Golden Globe parties. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Celebrities really have to stop making these pathetic anti-Trump videos. They are so lame. Some agent or handler or somebody should tell them they're making fools of themselves. Four years of goofy videos and attempts to influence the "little people"? Here we go. Using headphones or earphone reduces 'echo' on the call. Video is optional, but a few of us will be on video as well.

Who - All of you.

Earlier this year, I've posted an article about a mysterious case of attorney discipline in South Carolina that originated in federal courts, involved hidden court dockets and made no sense whatsoever from the text of the disciplinary decision.

In that blog, I pointed out that a member of the public cannot figure out from the disciplinary decision, what cases are involved, and the official registry of federal court cases do give any clue in that matter.

Since then, I received a tip from a reader, pointing me to the right cases. I obtained some, but not all docket reports about the underlying federal case in question, and so many "irregularities" surfaced in the case that it made my head spin. An attorney was disciplined based on that case by the South Carolina Supreme Court. This case deserves diligent deciphering - and I will try to do that. First of all, it helps to understand who the actors are. S. Even when I visited Sharjah, one of the malls there had a little amusement park with rides and arcade games inside. There was a huge amusement park inside West Edmonton Mall which we visited, and it was huge, but that's an exception.

In Toronto, we have the Woodbine Mall Fantasy Fair.

It was great, there wasn't much of a line up at any of the rides, and we got to do everything at a relaxed pace, which is no mean feat with two toddlers. The train ride is a popular one, and it goes all around the "amusement park", and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Good luck finding one! Savage felt that a scaled down pocket pistol would be a better seller than a large bore handgun so the. Our story so far: "Not So Pretty Little Liar Spreads Bloomberg's Sexist, Due Process-Denying Gun Grab. That looks to have been a mistake. It appears the photo was of the "starlet"herself. How old the photo is and where it was taken may have bearing, because if it was in California, unless it was part of a professional gig and issued by a licensed prop master, replica guns without fluorescent coatings or markings are illegal to possess. .