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Last year, as I trawled the Pinterest boards, I came across lots of wonderful examples of "up-cycled" crafts.

For those who haven't heard the term before, "up-cycling" means taking an item that would otherwise be thrown away and turning it into something of higher value. I used fabric, ribbons, trims, beads and embroidery cotton to transform unwanted egg cups and little jugs into pretty pin cushions. I've also seen these done with children's toy cards, baby shoes and garden items!. Here some photos of one of the sets finished. One thing is for sure, we have evolved. I don't mean that, so much as in "crawling out of the i'm "primordial ooze", as I do in the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of ourselves. who we are and, most importantly "whose we are. " So, just exactly how all the differences came about, is something that I've chosen to leave to people who still seem to consider that important in this life. IT WAS "UNPREDICTABLE", because it happened so FAST…. it was actually "ILLOGICAL".

But in the end, there was Peace and Calm, with a Brand New Day at Sea, even though NOTHING, would EVER be the same again.

Ok, enough with the stories, metaphors, and riddles.

We'll be direct. The following is a Prezi that I created for sharing how I apply the writing process for teaching a digital research paper. Prezi is a great tool for presenting information and it's easy to use. Check out my new digital learning website: GrammarCloud!. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. parking on the GA apron. JIMMY FALLON: In fact, things are so tense between Trump and the press, he says he's not going to this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner. An aide defended his decision saying, quote, 'If a Girl Scout egged your house, would you buy cookies from her?' And Americans said, 'If she's selling Thin Mints, hell yeah. '. JIMMY FALLON: Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled his trip to Washington after Trump signed an order to start construction on his border wall, marking perhaps the only Mexican who will actually be kept out by it. He's like, 'I stopped one. Pretty good. I haven't even built it yet. '. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. " - Joseph Campbell Full moon rising over partially cleared skies lights the way as we fight through all that Mother Nature deposits.

Roads are passable yet tenuous so continue to be mindful and use good judgment as trees are still toppling and the next mudslide is right around the bend.

Kings tides continue to play a role with ingress and egress and all limits should be internally heeded. CHANNEL: Overwhelmed and undersold as mucho macho waters move through seeking newly formed sandbars which have yet to settle. PATCH: Rights are starting to reveal themselves in the early light at moderate water levels. Potential and possibility are mixing in the mist. However, it's useful to examine more ambiguous cases. That's because Christians may experience ambiguous cases, so I think it's useful to consider how we should approach those cases. So I'm going to discuss how I personally assess an example like this. One question, and this is an issue concerning testimonial evidence generally, is whether a witness is prima facie credible. Obviously, there are lots of charlatans who profess to have supernatural encounters. And some of them make a lucrative living that way. So one question we might ask is whether Nabeel as a pecuniary motive. There's a market for Christian bestsellers that makes sensational claims about supernatural encounters. Hello crafty friends and Happy Tuesday to all! My card for today was created using Really Reasonable Ribbon's beautiful Taffeta , pearls, and Cabachons. I love how they match perfectly with my card here. Stamping was all done using Club Scrap Delft Collection, and Copic Markers. It's been a long time since I created my own design paper using stamps, and really love how this one turned out. I wanted to use the same stamp to create my sentiment area as well.

But before stamping any sentiment or flowers, I used the mask that came in my Delft Club kit and created a light background for my sentiment.

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Ah, March Break.

It already feels like just a distant memory. I was fortunate to be home last week - and we took advantage with a staycation of sorts. We slept in, actually ate breakfast and planned our days as they went. We had my cousin's son from Slovenia staying with us for the first half of the week - nights were late and full of laughter and music. Ava had an absolute blast! So much so, she didn't want to go to bed each night for fear of missing out. They can live lovey dovey with each other because it's the now that's important. B.

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